Since studying neuroscience and cognitive science in university I have been fascinated with the way that people think and behave. For sometime after graduating I followed that passion into academia, where I transitioned towards metagenomics and biocomputation until I stumbled upon product design: a perfect blend of understanding what makes people tick with an added dose of creativity mixed in.

Since then I have worked across multiple industries and across multiple positions. I started as a UX researcher and have evolved my skillset to encompass the entire spectrum of design.

I most recently worked Titan. I continuing to lead foundational projects aimed at getting the product off the ground. Those include research initiatives that seek to develop an understanding of the product space and users, desining end-to-end workflows for the core product, building a design system, and helped develop process for an emerging design team in a new space.

I live in a small ski town called Basalt, CO where you'll find me on the slopes, woodworking, or exploring any of the thousands of miles of offroad terrain Colorado has to offer.

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